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My name is Corinne Locker, I live in Halesowen, West Midlands and I'm the founder and business owner of Craft n Make

I am a painter specialising in traditional canal art, as well as a crafter. And since 2018, I have been running regular craft courses and workshops, introducing people to a wide variety of crafts including wirework, papercraft, macramé, rag rugging, mixed media, to name a few.

My crafting journey mainly started in 2007, when, after going to a canal boat festival, I decided to learn the art of painting roses and castle. It started as a hobby which quickly developed as a part-time business.

Following on, I was keen to learn something new and did a jewellery course in order to learn the basics of jewellery making. Again, this became part of my business when I started selling my products at craft fairs and boat festivals.

I have since developed my skills in a wider range of crafts. I am a self-taught acrylic painter, learnt papercraft, crochet, rag rugging, macramé...and I am always trying my hands at something new.


I also run craft clubs at local primary schools and sell online on Ebay, Etsy and Facebook.

The world of craft is a wonderful one which I would recommend to everybody.

It’s enjoyable, sociable and can be very therapeutic. It gives a sense of pride and personal achievement, and brings people together.


I hope you will come and join me in this crafty world. Just two words of warning: extremely addictive!